Note: all difficult and advanced trips will only be open to those who meet the event coordinator's criteria: if this is your first event with that coordinator, you may be contacted before being allowed to participate.
Type of Event Difficulty level Backpack Canoe Hike
Easy to moderate 1 Overnight (1)
5km or less/day
Easy terrain
No overnight
No portage
Day trip, paddle about
Urban setting
Under 8Km
2km /hr pace
Gentle terrain
2 Overnight (1-2)
Late spring, summer, early fall
5-8km / day
Moderate terrain
Overnight (1-2 at one site)
No portages
Rural setting
8-10 km
2-3km /hr pace
Gentle terrain, some rolling hills or rough trail
Moderate to difficult 3 Overnight (1-3)
8-10km / day
Moderate terrain
Overnight (1-3 at one site)
Few short portages (0-700m)
High maintenance trails
Small bodies of water
10-14 km
2.5-3.5 km/ hr
Varied terrain, some challenging sections
Hiking boots required
4 Overnight (1-3)
Winter / All season
Moderate to difficult terrain
(snow, hills, uneven footing)
Overnight, multiple sites (2+)
Several portages (1-1500m)
Low maintenance areas
Uncertain water levels (varying rivers)
Medium bodies of water
14-20 km
3.5-4.5km / hr
varied terrain, rough trail or hills through most of trail
Hiking boots required
Difficult to advanced 5 Overnight (2+)
Winter /All season
13-18 km /day
Moderate to difficult terrain
Overnight, multiple sites
Many portages
Low maintenance
Fast moving water
Large bodies of water
20km +
4.5 km/ hr +
Rough terrain and hilly trails
Low mainteniance
Hiking boots required
6 Overnight (3+)
Winter / All season
25+ km / day
Difficult terrain
(no maintenance, river crossings)
Overnight, Multiple sites
Difficult Portages
No maintenance areas
White water
Hiking boots required