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Toronto Outdoor Club - About Us

The Toronto Outdoor Club (TOC) is a volunteer-run organization for adults, featuring outdoor activities, social events, and travel excursions in and around the Toronto area. The TOC's mission is to provide our members with fun experiences, the opportunity to network, and the ability to learn about and participate in local outdoorsy/active pursuits.

The TOC hosts a wide variety of events every year, including:
  • Outdoorsy/active events - hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, paddling, skiing, skating, snow shoeing, bird-watching, etc.
  • Social - socials, parties, spectator sporting events, pool (billiards), theater and comedy evenings, etc.
  • Travel - trips to various parts of Canada and the U.S., and possibly beyond 
Founded May 1, 2005, the TOC currently has 1361 members, primarily Toronto residents. Members range in age from 20 to 60, with 73% of members in the 20-39 age range. More information available on our Statistics page. Membership is open to any interested adult, regardless of his or her experience level. Members pay only for those events they attend and membership is free, although member support, in the form of both time and monetary donations, is solicited to keep the club running. There is no paid staff. Volunteer positions include various aspects of running the club as well as coordinating events (meet our volunteer team). Funds collected are recycled back into the club for purchases of equipment, maintaining the web site, or supporting an event.

The TOC relies heavily on its interactive events and networking web site to allow people to sign up for membership, communicate with one another, register and pay for events, submit event feedback, and make suggestions for club improvements.

A Virtual Clubhouse

The web site is the backbone - the "virtual clubhouse" - of the TOC. Individuals can sign up for membership online in a matter of minutes. They can network with other members, interact with the volunteers, and register for upcoming events. The lack of overhead required by a physical office permits the club to continue to offer free memberships.

Looking For More Info?

Our FAQ or Membership Info pages contain the answers to the questions we hear most often from those who are signing up for membership.

Any questions for which you cannot easily find the answers online should be sent in via our online form or directly to