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Toronto Outdoor Club - Events - Checklists - Fishing

Questions about equipment? Send them to

Minimum When Participating With TOC

Fishing license
Fishing tackle - rod, reel, line, net, bait, flies, lures, etc.
Insect Repellent
Poncho/Rain Jacket
Hat, Visor, and/or Sunglasses
Dress appropriately for weather conditions
Sunscreen (which should be at least SPF 15 & applied 30 min ahead to be effective)
Wool or Synthetic Socks in cooler weather or if you anticipate standing in water for any     length of time
Appropriate footwear depending on conditions and location - lakeshore, riverbank, from a boat, in water: surf socks, old runners, rubber boots, waders Daypack
Plenty of Water    
  • Avoid bringing carbonated drinks which may explode with a lot of movement    
  • Avoid drinking boxes since they cannot be re-sealed if you do not finish them or want to save some for later

  • Think we forgot something from one of our lists? Let us know.

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