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Toronto Outdoor Club - Events - Checklists - Canoeing

Questions about equipment? Send them to

Minimum When Canoeing With TOC

Insect Repellent
Poncho/Rain Jacket
*Sunscreen (which should be at least SPF 15 & applied 30 min ahead to be effective)
Hat, Visor, and/or Sunglasses
Quick Drying Clothing
Water Shoes, Sport Sandals, or Old Tennis Shoes (That Won't Come Off In The Water)

*Don't forget to put on sunblock under your arms and legs - these spots burn easily because of the reflection of the sun's rays on the water.

Additionally, What You Might Need When Going (Especially On Your Own)

One or More Buddies!!!
Tell Someone at Home of Your Intended Route
Flatwater or Whitewater Canoe
Paddles (Perhaps Even a Spare One with Tie Down)
Life Jacket with Knife, Whistle, Firestarter Attached
Tie Down Rope or Straps
Knee Pads or Seat Pads
Waterproof Portage Packs, Dry Bags, and Pelican Boxes
Rescue Ropes, Pulleys, Carabiners, and Slings
Bow/Stern Ropes
Bailer with Attachment Clips
Repair Kit (Duct Tape, Awl, Wire, Epoxy, Fine Sandpaper)
Map, Map Case, and Tie Down
Wetsuit** & Repair Adhesive
Swimsuit, Towel, Water Shoes/Sandals
Paddling Gloves
Helmet (If Appropriate)
First Aid Kit in Waterproof Container (Signal Mirror, Flares, Notebook)

If Taking Your Dog Along

Perhaps you want to take your dog along on a flatwater canoe trip. You probably don't want to bring them along on any river with rapids beyond Class I.

Water & Bowl
Scooper & Bag
Food, Just in Case

Think we forgot something from one of our lists? Let us know.

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