Fri, Jul 13 2018, Sat, Jul 14 2018, Sun, Jul 15 2018 - FRANKLIN ISLAND CANOE TRIP (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Kevin J
Participants:Mark Soubry, Kim Fehr, Rachel W, Kevin J, MaGz, Sunny, expeditus, César, Ende M, Bogna Pinkowska

Write Up:

TOC is privileged to have a great event leader such as Kevin, his planning skills and easy going style naturally brings people of all ages together with the same goals in mind. This past weekend had a fire ban so the traditional camp fire was not possible but the great weather had many of us spending extra time in the water. The no stress approach worked for all of us, relax and enjoy nature was the focus of the weekend. What becomes evident is the pure beauty of the location, the rock formations that almost look like long rolls of pastry dough waiting to be formed gave us the pleasure of seeing the effects of the glaciers thousands of years ago. While I thought the water was cold, we had many in the group spend lots of time swimming and enjoying the fresh water. The reality though is that Kevin takes a bunch of strangers with a common goal and uses his skills to make a fun group of out them as truly is the people that make the trip fun. So thank you to all, I really enjoyed it and believe me Cracker was tweeting about it on the way home.

Mark Soubry

TOC Franklin Island: a weekend of paradise Windswept rocks. That edge of the earth feeling. A harmonious group. This two-night trip to Franklin Island, led by Toronto Outdoor Club leader Kevin Jones, was just about as good as it gets. Our group of 10 club members (plus a parrot) launched shiny red canoes in the sheltered waters of Snug Harbour, paddling past the scenic, old lighthouse on the outskirts, and began crossing the channel to Franklin. Skirting a couple of pink rocky islands, we were suddenly exposed to the wild waves of Georgian Bay, intimidating but manageable. Digging our paddles in, we cleared the aptly named Savage Rocks on the southern tip of Franklin, and entered more sheltered channels on the west side, where Franklin's magic began to reveal itself. An easy paddle through a scenic rocky channel took us to what is quite possibly the best campsite in Ontario, with a white soft sand beach backed by a rocky hills and a view to the horizon, plus a beautiful island you could swim to. Behind the site was the peaceful Mirror Lake, filled with lily pads and chatty frogs. Epic swims took us from island to island to island... leading to equally epic naps on sun-warmed rocks. Conversations centred around the fire-less fire pit (no fire due to a fire ban). On the second day, a stunning paddle explored the island's breathtaking interior lakes, past pink rocks and through peaceful lily ponds. We saw frogs and snakes; an otter, a heron and a parrot. Yes, you can go camping with your pet parrot! Cracker, the African grey parrot, seemed to enjoy it as much as everyone else. Our campsite seemed to be on the edge of the earth. Beyond was windswept rock, big sky; a lake like an ocean, and just as powerful. The last night, a giant orb of sun sunk slowly from the sky over calm waters, a perfect end to another perfect day in paradise. This is it. It doesn't get much better than this.

Kimberley Fehr

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