Sat, May 2 2015 - Urban Hike: Downtown to High Park via Waterfront (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Yvonne, Michael
Participants:Yvonne, Michael, Jodi B, Yvonne H, Kim, Cynthia, Jacqueline T, Katie, Devicka, Jenny, Monica, Anita K., Joy Chen, Deepa, VivianP, lingyan, Liza
Voluntary Donations:$17.00

Write Up:
A great sunny day for a hike. The temperature was above 20 degrees Celcius.

We met in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame and waited for two members who were on the way until 10:15AM.The modo was very light and friendly. It was very noisy at the meeting point with all the construction going on in the area, so we did not linger and got on the way quickly with suggestions to mingle and introduce one another along the way.

The route was mainly on the Waterfront trail, some of it was along Lakeshore Boulevard. We tried as much as possible to stay on the trail. That meant taking sometimes what seemed like longer paths such as following the piers (better view of the lake) or crossing parks (Coronation Park) instead of taking a straight paths along the roads.

The trail was buzzing with people, we constantly have to step aside to give way to cyclists and joggers. The great weather got people out and several members on the hike met people they knew on the trail or just on the road.The view of the lake was gorgeous.

When we arrived at High Park around 1PM, we stopped at the Grenadier Café for a rest-room break and a suggestion to stay there for lunch was given. Only two members were interested, so they stayed back at the café and the rest of us continued to High Park Subway Station. We arrived there around 1:30PM.

It was a perfect day for a hike and we all enjoyed the sights and beautiful weather.

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