Sat, Jul 26 2014 - Jessie's Caledon Hills Hike + Paradise Farm Bistro - (20km, 4.5 km/h) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Daniel Parker, Jessie
Participants:Diana, Natalia Sh, Jane C., Fang Y, Daniel Parker, Jessie, Adrian, Sam S, Bashir, Clodagh, Dave, anindita2020, Harry, suvam2006, Kristin
Voluntary Donations:$10.00

Write Up:

The expected thunderstorm never came and we were blessed with a gorgeous day. The faster folks walked at a 5.5km/hour pace and the slower folks walked at around 4 - 4.5km/hour. The terrain had a few small hills but was mostly flat. There was one major lookout point which provided a full view of Humber Valley and we stopped here for lunch.

A very surprising find on the hike were some wild orchids; they were small but beautiful. I wouldn't have thought orchids would survive in the wild in Caledon considering they had to deal with the -30° winter. Another interesting discovery was Glen Haffy Road, which is a part of the Glen Haffy side trail and was mostly shadowed by trees.

Special thanks to Jane C who did the sweeping for this hike.

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