Sat, Mar 8 2014 - X-C skiing at Hardwood Ski and Bike (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Linda D
Participants:Linda D, Angela, Rob Willson, Kristin, Calista L, Maria Rod
Voluntary Donations:$8.00

Write Up:
We had a near perfect day for our outing to Hardwood. If anything, the weather was a touch on the warm side, making for some near tumbles when, on sticky downhill patches, one’s skis did not keep moving with the same momentum as the upper body.

Although a few people had to drop out quite late, a couple of TOCers from out of town, that were unsure of their ability to come, met the group just as the second car pulled into the parking lot. We ended up skiing in somewhat separate groups, with two separate outings on the 15K trail. Angela, thinking that others had set off without her, headed off and did the trail by herself in an hour less than David, Rob, Matt, Ginger and Linda who headed out a bit later after details like rentals and waxing had been finished. Maria and Christine tackled other trails, commenting that they had had the best ski day of the season. In the afternoon David, Rob, and Linda tried the single track Seefeld trail. It turned out to be totally ungroomed and clearly not used for several days. We got some extra exercise by taking turns breaking trail and sinking 8-12 inches. Our efforts were rewarded with multitudes of animal tracks, lots of pristine snow, and the absence of other skiers.

At the end of the day, it was apparent that we were a group of avid skier because we were hoping for cool enough weather next week to allow for another ski day, perhaps Ganaraska.

Thanks to drivers Rob and David! Donations collected $8.

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