Sun, Sep 29 2013 - Culture Days - Short Hike to FREE Day at Science Centre (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Elizabeth D
Participants:Bonnie S, Tamer, Elizabeth D, JP, Betty O
Voluntary Donations:$6.00

Write Up:

There were five people on today's event. Last Sunday the high was 13C, so, today's 20 C was very nice.

It is that time of year when the "wooly bear" caterpillar hatches and looks for a place to over-winter, usually in a crevice in a rock or under bark. Unfortunately it means that they "cross the road" or bike path. We rescued several but there were too many to rescue them all. Many of them had already been run over by bike tires.

The second part of our event today was a visit to the Ontario Science Centre. For some, it was a return visit, for others, it was a first visit.

It's always fun to go to the "electricity show". While we waited for it to start, we discussed whether our habits would change is we had to create our own electricity, for example, pedalling a bike to watch TV. One of our members was called on stage to assist is creating electricity to light four light bulbs. It becomes more challenging as the resistance is increased, as each bulb is turned on... a little more challenging after a hike...!

We visited many displays and ended our day with a Planetarium Show. It's always nice to relax under a dark, starry sky.

Thank you for joining me on this event.

$6.00 was collected in donations.

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