Wed, Jul 7 2010 - Evening City Cycle & Beach (picnic) dinner (Aprox 16Km) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): David B, Linda D
Participants:David B, Linda D, Marilyn, Sue M, Greg P, Hiker84

Write Up:
The weather Wednesday was hot and humid but, luckily, a bit of cloud (or maybe pollution haze) prevented the sun from beating down on us when the ride began. After dealing with city traffic for the first 10 minutes, a very slight cooling from the lake provided minor relief as we leisurely cycled from Cherry Beach to Woodbine. We arrived at Woodbine Beach around 7pm noting that it was full of other folks also seeking relief from the heat, including a couple of entertaining young men trying to perfect their juggling routine. After dinner. Linda and David waded in the lake but found it too cold for an actual swim. We then headed back to our starting point, with plans of having ice-cream when we arrived at Harbourfront. The sun was an orange ball low on the Horizon and the heat increased as we moved away from the beach. Enjoying Toronto’s best ice-cream will have to wait until another day because, to our disappointment, the ice-cream shop was closing when we arrived. Thanks to everybody who came out for our low-key beaches excursion..

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