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Free to join, and open to any adult in Canada, the TOC brings people together in a fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere. We strive to offer a variety of events, with some geared for beginners, some more challenging activities, and lots of 'somewhere in the middle' stuff. And, we attempt to keep events as low-cost as possible. A majority of our events take place in and around southern Ontario, but occasionally we visit our neighboring provinces or travel further away from home.

This is a great time to get out and meet other outdoor enthusiasts in the Toronto area. Are you traveling? Check out our sister clubs in Calgary, Edmonton, Atlanta, Maryland and, the most recent addition, Vancouver Region. Tell your outdoorsy family and friends, and if you're ever in their neighborhood, look them up!

Yes, our events are busy and they often fill up very quickly, but sign up for the waiting list. It is very common in the week prior to the event for there to be significant turnover. Life happens and people have to modify their plans (or the weather modifies them!) and the event coordinators make every effort to add members from the waiting list to the event to ensure as many people get out to enjoy themselves as possible. Add yourself to the waiting list, you'll be surprised at how often you actually get on an event!

The TOC is 100% volunteer run. Get more general information, see our membership stats, and read our faqs for more information. Still not satisfied? Contact us with any further questions you may have.

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Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Crawford Lake / Rattlesnake Point Main & Side Trails (24k @4.5k/hr)

Introduction to Wilderness Backpacking

Play Tennis at Ramsden Park

Scarborough Eastern Bluffs Loop 17 km

Scarborough Bluffs Hike 7km + Frisbee on the Beach
Play Tennis at Ramsden Park

Evening Beltline Walk

Night Hike: Crothers' Woods Loop (8.5 KM)
Night Hike: YU Heights to Newtonbrook (8 KM)
Night Hike: West Toronto Railpath, High Park & Lower Humber (12 KM)
Last Minute Biking - Thomson Memorial Park to Morningside Park 20km

Belfountain Conservation Area (14 KM)

1 of 2 = Davisville to St. Clair WEST 7 km

2 of 2 = St. Clair WEST to Davisville 7 km
Pine farm to King Campus and back: total 20 km @4.5KM /hr

Hike to view Canadian International Airshow 10 km

Hike To The Ale Yards (4.5 KM)
Night Hike: Baby Point Loop (5.5 KM)
Night Hike: Pine Hills to Dentonia Park (6.5 KM)
Free Evening at the Art Gallery of Ontario
Davisville Beltline to Christie 10 km

Night Hike: Cedarvale to Oriole Park (7.5 KM)
Leslie Pineway Park Loop 11 km
Hiking (ca 8 km) in Mount Nemo Conservation Area + Pick Your Own Apples at an Orchard nearby

Hike to Taste of the Kingsway (7.5 km)
Biking - Thomson Memorial Park to Morningside Park 20km

Culham Trail Credit River 21 km

Black Creek to NY Centre (13 KM)
Play Tennis at Ramsden Park
York Mills Edwards Gdns Loop 12 km
Night Hike: Summerhill, The Flats & Taylor Creek (12 KM)
Eldred King Woodlands (12 KM)

Backpacking in Algonquin (28k)

Main St to Taylor Creek PLUS!! - about 14 km
York Mills Serena Gundy Lawrence 17 km

Old Mill to Polish Festival, 6.5 km

Overnight: Backpacking in Algonquin (28k)
Play Tennis at Ramsden Park
BRISK WALK: Crothers Woods (Broadview Station) (12 km, 5.5-6 km/h)
Becoming a TOC Volunteer - Info Session

Old Mill to High Park ~8 km

Payment Cut Off: Thanksgiving Car Camping in the Finger Lakes Region
Fall Colours Weekend at Bondi Village

Fletcher's 1000th TOC Event (4.5 KM or 0 KM)
Hike in Pretty River Prov Park and Petun Cons Area (ca 17 km) and cidery visit

CANCELLED - Durham Forest + Walker Woods 17 km

Long Centennial Out and Back (~24km/14.5mi, ~5-5.5km/hr)

Hike For A Slice Classics: High Park & Waterfront - 10km

Overnight: Fall Colours Weekend at Bondi Village
Beaver Valley, Eugenia Falls and Hogg’s Falls (22 km, 4.5 km/h)

Play Tennis at Ramsden Park

St. James Town, Crothers’ Woods & Todmorden Mills (9 KM)

Hike to The Keg for Dinner 8 km

Overnight: Fall Colours Weekend at Bondi Village
St Clair to St Clair West - 12.5km - 5km+/hr Again
Amazing places to visit in the Finger Lakes Region (NY)
Play Tennis at Ramsden Park
Thanksgiving Car Camping in the Finger Lakes Region
Overnight: Thanksgiving Car Camping in the Finger Lakes Region
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